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606 Development Group recognized that many of our clients were very stressed out and confused about what a remodeling project entailed.  Some typical client questions were:

• I’ve never done a remodeling project before, how does this work?
• Where do I go to select materials?
• What is the schedule for how you complete the work?

At 606 Development Group we realize that the remodeling process can be quite daunting, and if you’ve never remodeled a house before or if you had a bad experience with a previous contractor, the experience can be even more stressful.  We applied the lessons learned in our years of process and technology engineering experience to our construction projects to develop “The 606 Process”.

The “606 Process” is a 4 step beginning to end process that we follow to provide structure and efficiency to each project.  The “606 Process” is a win-win for both our customers and 606.  It allows us to be better at our job while at the same time making things easier and less stressful for our clients.  Below is a quick description of the 4 step “606 Process”.

The 606 Process


During the consultation and quote process 606 Development Group will meet with you to review your project, provide our input for how to best achieve your project goals, and capture the scope of the project.  We will provide you with a project estimate including a detailed description of the scope and materials included in the quote. If you decide to move forward and hire 606 Development Group for your project, then we proceed to step 2.  The typical duration for the Consultation and Quote is 3 days.


During the Design and Material Selection process the client is in charge of selecting the specific materials for the project and determining the exact installation requirements such as tile patterns, fixture locations, etc.  The client can do this themselves, hire 606 Development Group, or hire an independent architect or designer.  For smaller projects customers are usually ok doing this themselves and 606 Development Group will provide a few hours of help free of charge.  For larger projects such as home additions or large kitchen and bath projects, it is often wise to have 606 Development Group or an architect or designer produce a Design Specification Document so that everyone is on the same page.  The typical duration for Design and Material Selection is 3-4 weeks, but can vary depending on how much time the customer has to shop for materials and how quickly selections are made.


Once all materials have been selected for the project, they must be ordered and procured.  606 Development Group routinely gets discounts at many suppliers and passes these along to clients.  Many materials can be delivered directly to the client’s home.  However, if materials need to be picked up, 606 Development Group can do this free of charge for pick-up locations in the downtown Chicago area.  If items need to be picked up in the suburbs then 606 charges a pickup fee.  The typical duration for Material Procurement is 4-6 weeks which is generally driven by the lead time for cabinets.  If no cabinets, doors, or windows are involved in the project then this step can usually be accomplished in 2-3 weeks.


The Installation phase of the project is fairly self explanatory.  During this step, 606 Development Group performs the installation work for the project.  We agree on a good start date for the client and provide a target schedule for the work to be completed.  We provide daily and weekly updates on the progress of the installation and are continually communicating with the client during this process.  The duration for this step depends on the type of project.  It can be one week for smaller projects such as a small bathroom renovation or several months for larger projects such as home additions.

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